• Star Pickets (Various Sizes)

  • Bales of Straw

  • Firewood

  • bagged compost & potting mix

  • Concrete

  • Plasticizer

  • Mortar & Cement 

  • Quickset

  • Brightonlite Off White Cement

  • Bond-Rite Concrete Mix

  • Waterproof / Cement Colour

  • GB Cement

  • PEa straw mulch

  • sugar cane mulch



bluegum sleepers

- 2.4m x 50mm

- 2.4m x 75mm

- 3m x 50mm

- 3m x  75mm

steel edging

- 6m x 75mm x 5mm

treated pine sleepers

- 2.4m x 50mm

- 2.4m x 75mm

steel edging

- 100mm x 5mm


reclaimed timber -

ironbark feature post
jarrah feature post
a-grade railway sleepers
bridge timber
jarrah giants
Garden Soil

drainage pipes -

drainage pipe

- 225mm x 6m

- 300mm x 6m

- 375mm x 6m


* Available to fit all drainage pipe sizes. 


Aggregates / screenings -

small river pebble
large river pebble
40mm ballast
granitic sand
tuscan topping 14mm
bluestone dust
tuscan aggregate 20mm
quarter minus
pink flamingo
bluestone 14mm
bluestone 20mm
grigio toppings
grigio 14mm
blue granite
grigio oversize
20mm crushed rock
Trowel and Soil

sands - 

washed sand
Granite Sand

feature rocks -

mudstone sa
basalt boulder
bluestone pitchers
Organic Carrots

MULCHES/ compost -

large pinebark 25mm
small pine bark 10mm
black mulch
bush mulch
mushroom compost
organic compost
double bio topsoil
Certified Organic composted cow manure